Bentley GTC rental in the Swiss Alps

The Bentley GTC is a 560 hp monster packaged in an elegant envelope from the finest leather and metal. Four Wheel Drive and the GTC can be driven in the winter. I was able to rent a Bentley GTC and test ride him in early December in St. Moritz. The car is more likely for an audience who loves elegant, noble and high quality. Is the sport mode but switched once, the car shoots within a few seconds from 0 to 100km / h.Each sports car lovers must definitely have ever sat in the Bentley GTC and drove it. Here are some photos of our test vehicle Edel & Stark.26122012 109 Rent Bentley GTC in Switzerland and Germany Rent Bentley GTC DSC_0050Would you like to drive a Bentley in Switzerland, Italy, Germany or France? Rent Bentley GTC in Europe at Edel & Stark.

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