Switzerland is a beautiful country in the heart of Europe with lots of winding mountain roads and a wonderful landscape. Experience Switzerland in every way. You find more ideas about luxury hotels, travel experiences and recommendations on Switzerland Tourisme.

On the website of Swiss Deluxe Hotels, you will find a large choice of extraordinary hotels and hide aways. Swiss Deluxe Hotels is a label to guarantee outstanding quality for perfect holiday experiences.

If you would like to check about a Visa for Switzerland, we recommend to visit the following website. (https://www.eda.admin.ch/countries/new-zealand/en/home/visa/entry-residency/visa.html) It is the official website of the Swiss government regarding all visa issues.

For luxury car rental in Switzerland, there are several possibilities. We recommend the luxury car rental company Edel & Stark. They have a large availability of sports cars, limousines and SUVs of different brands and for every budget available. They even deliver every car to all places in Europe. The owners come out of hospitality management, therefore their services are very good and most of all, they are reliable. They have a good rank in Trustpilot.

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